Hider (hide_r) wrote in stained_scrapbk,


Small post now, some of the icon requests are in here. A big junk drop is coming soon with your header/wall requests and the rest of the icons. But in the mean time, I tried out some new stuff with these and I like them, so let me know if you do ;)

1 Wallpaper + 2 Headers + 38 Icons
Everwood, Grey's Anatomy, One Tree Hill, Zooey Deschannel, Misc.

cutCollapse )
Tags: everwood, grey's anatomy, misc, one tree hill, zooey deschannel
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oooo i love bright/hannah

also stealing addy/derek
Love all the icons, snagging number 32, will credit. Thanks!

Pretty GA icons! I'm saving 31 and 32.
22! credit is yours.
saved the header and some of the bright/chris pratt and hannah/sarah drew icons. I am in an everwood mood right now!
Beautiful job as always:)
I love your cropping! I love #20 esp.
aww, so lovely! I snagged 10, 13, 18, 19 and 22!
22 and 30, thanks!
Everwood icons <3 Thank you!
took 10 17 18 37 38. thank you, great icons!
Very pretty.

Saving #1, will credit. :)
OMG, amazing work !! Your icons Bright/Hannah are incredible, so beautiful, love colors !!
great icons!!! i think i'm going to use next time the banner from hannah and bright in my journal. i hope you make more everwood icons!!
Snagging the Everwood banner and #10 from the OTH icons. :) Will credit! thanks. :P
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