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4 Wallpapers, 2 Headers, and 39 Icons
Gilmore Girls, Harry Potter, House, Josha Jackson
Katie Leung, Robert Pattinson, Evan Rachel Wood, Jamie Bell

note: a lot of these include Christmas present for my flist but just ignore that unless it's you lol

cutCollapse )

Tags: even rachel wood, gilmore girls, harry potter, harry/ginny, house, house/cameron, jamie bell, joshua jackson, katie leung, literati, robert pattinson, ryan/theresa, the oc
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Yay Theresa/Ryan icons, took three of them, will credit:)
Love the H/G paper. :o)
Saved the ones of rob pattinson. will credit. Great job!
Snagged a Paris icon, will credit.
saved 35 for future use
thanks :D
the lit header is BEAUTIFUL!
i love the #17 Harry Potter one!!
Snagged a few Gilmores~the Lor & Rory one and the Excuses one. Will credit if used. Thanks. :)
This is late I know, but thank you for my presents! I love them!
No problem hun lol. I'm glad u like them :)
Sangged Joshua and GG walls plus 3, 9 and 11. With credit of course
Love all of your icons!! I'm going to nominate one of the icons at gg_awards!
took a lot of the GG ones, will credit
stook 2. will creditt thanks! <3
love the header and saved a few icons :)
snagged the rory/jess header. :)
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