Hider (hide_r) wrote in stained_scrapbk,

Requests #03

So here's the deal. I am sure I will regret this later but I am doing it anyway because I like self-inflicting pain in that way.

I am taking requests. Wallpaper and Header requests. No icons. I suck at icons lately. Think of this as my Christmas present to you.

You can request in ONLY the following fandoms:

Alias, Gilmore Girls, Grey's Anatomy, House, One Tree Hill, or Harry Potter

You can use this form to request:
Picture: At least 3 or 4, preferably more. The more you give, the better it will be. Please choose good sizes and quality! HQ = me loving you.
Text: I usually like to come up with my own but suggestions are always good and if you're just dying for something in particular, I will do my best.
Style: If there is a particular style of mine you like, let me know and I'll do my best to make something similiar.

That is all. If I start getting flooded with more than I think I can handle, I will cut it off. I'm suspecting that probably won't happen until tommorrow at the earliest but if you want to be sure or see a lot of comments below, saving a spot is always fine.

BTW, you're icons are done. I'm just waiting to post them with a couple more intrest icons I need to finish from my personal flist. Or I might post them with these. But they are done.
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