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Stained Scrapbook

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Welcome to Stained Scrapbook, a place for me (hide_r) to post my graphics, so I don't spam the flist at my personal journal. Feel free to join or friend the comm to get updates, whatever.

When adding to your flists, beware that I do posts often. Most people don't mind, but in case your one of those who do, this is your warning. I usually post at least once occasionally twice a week, sometimes with almost a hundred icons and a bunch of headers/wallpapers. So if you have a slow connection... I'm sorry :

I am obsessed with my fandoms and regularly icon or make graphics of them.

Shows: Veronica Mars, Grey's Anatomy, One Tree Hill, Alias, Gilmore Girls, House, Everwood

Other: Harry Potter, Actors from my Fandoms and Movies with them, etc

Ships: I don't stick to my ships when it comes to art, I vary a lot. But I do love... Rory/Jess (GG) Christina/Burke (GA), Rachel/Sark (Alias), Naley, Brucas and Jeyton (OTH), Cameron/Chase or Cameron/House (House)


corrodedsilence, doiiinxx, dy_chionn, deceptive_icons, her_glow, jessrory, my_own_100, pickle_icons, souhaiterapon , _thepleiades, whenspringbegan, allweeklong, wickedful, x3____leah

Wanna be an affiliate? Just drop a comment here.

a walk to remember, adam brody, adam/rachel, alex/izzy, alexis bledel, alexis/milo, amanda bynes, american dreams, angel, anna nalick, arrested development, beautiful people, bethany joy lenz, boy meets world, boyd holbrook, brittany snow, brooke/lucas, brooke/mouth, brucas, bryan greenberg, cameron/chase, cedric/cho, center stage, christina/burke, crash, david boreanaz, dirty deeds, draco malfoy, draco/hermoine, elizabethtown, emma watson, emma/tom, fleur/cedric, george michael/maeby, george o'malley, gilmore girls, graphics, grey's anatomy, harry potter, hawthorne heights, headers, hermoine granger, high school musical, house, house/cameron, icon requests, icons, jake/peyton, james lafferty, jared padalecki, jason dohring, java junkie, jess mariano, jeyton, josh hartnett, katie leung, katie/robert, kirsten dunst, kris/junior, kristen bell, kristen kurek, kyle gallner, lane kim, lane/dave, lane/zach, lee norris, lex/lana, literati, lorelai gilmore, luke/lorelai, mac/cassidy, mandy moore, meg/chris, meredith/derek, michael rosenbaum, milo ventimiglia, misha barton, movies, music, naley, nathan/haley, nick zano, one tree hill, paint shop pro, psp, rachel bilson, rachel mcadams, rachel/ryan, related, requests, reunion, robert pattinson, ron/hermoine, rory/jess, rose/joel, roxanne/luke, rupert grint, ryan gosling, ryan hansen, ryan/summer, samaire armstrong, sandra oh, sarah dessen, scarlett johansson, seth/summer, shane west, sin city, smallville, sophia bush, sophie/nicholas, summer roberts, supernatural, teddy dunn, the bedford diaries, the killers, the notebook, the oc, tom felton, tom welling, tv, veronica mars, veronica/duncan, veronica/logan, veronica/weevil, wallpapers, wesley jonathan, wildfire, will estes, zach braff, zoe saldana