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Small post now, some of the icon requests are in here. A big junk drop is coming soon with your header/wall requests and the rest of the icons. But in the mean time, I tried out some new stuff with these and I like them, so let me know if you do ;)

1 Wallpaper + 2 Headers + 38 Icons
Everwood, Grey's Anatomy, One Tree Hill, Zooey Deschannel, Misc.

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Tags: everwood, grey's anatomy, misc, one tree hill, zooey deschannel
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Deleted comment

took 10 17 18 37 38. thank you, great icons!
Very pretty.

Saving #1, will credit. :)
OMG, amazing work !! Your icons Bright/Hannah are incredible, so beautiful, love colors !!
great icons!!! i think i'm going to use next time the banner from hannah and bright in my journal. i hope you make more everwood icons!!
Snagging the Everwood banner and #10 from the OTH icons. :) Will credit! thanks. :P
Took everything OTH, i adore the header, amazing job!
Love #32. Thanks.
using 22.. my first lj icon.. it's gorgeous.. thank you
oooh! love be back to snag some later. by the way what episode is #16 from? the hlaey/chris icon?
oh my god, the wallpaper is ahhhmazinggggg. using that & took 'complicated' haley. -squee-
snagged number 32... lurve it! good job on the icons.
Prettttttttttttty hider! haha iam late for snagging your icons.
Snagging # 1,4,5,21, and 32. Will credit with love!
I love the everwood ones. Taking 1,2,3,4,5,6 and the header. Will credit when used, thanks!!!
yo, hider! where are 37 and 38 from? is that zach braff, and rachel bilson?
22 & 30. :oD
Saved 5, will credit =D thanks.
in love with the GASP! icon :)
saving #10. Thanks!

Deleted comment

i snagged some Chris Sarah and some Peyton
taking 22, will credit! thanks
took H/B header, it's fantastic!!
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