Hider (hide_r) wrote in stained_scrapbk,

Icon Requests #03

I'm still working on all your requests but I'm in a icon mood. Since I'm having problems finding good things to cap, heres the deal.

You give me cap. I give you icon. Simple as that :)

But please pick decent quality and stick to these fandoms: Alias, Everwood, Gilmore Girls, Grey's Anatomy, House, One Tree Hill (Actors in these fandoms are included)

To get you started....
Dare to Move.net, Brooke and Lucas.net, Striped Wall (for GA), Forbidden, Cap_it Memories, Spy-Caps.com

I'm really bored so comment with as many as you want. Not like twelve or anything lol but theres no real limit. I'm trying out new stuff and I need stuff to icon. Most of these will probably be posted by the weekend.
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