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2 Walls + 2 Headers + 45 Icons

Harry Potter, House, One Tree Hill, Veronica Mars,
The Chronicles of Narnia, Adam Brody...



cutCollapse )

Hope you guys like everything, let me know what you think! And I have loads of stuff that I still haven't posted so all of that will be up in a couple days.
Tags: adam brody, cedric/fleur, chronicles of narnia, harry potter, headers, house, logan/veronica, movies, one tree hill, veronica mars, wallpapers
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i saved #13
Vintage Nathan/Haley (so cute) and Veronica Mars?? Before everything was thrown off track?
It's so wonderful to remember the good ol' days. These icons are fabulous! I love them! It's like Festivus came early this year!
saved some adam and haley/nathan, thanks!!<3
i love these...snagged a bunch and fleur/ced wallpaper
Beautiful as always:)
Oooh!! I love all of the icons, especially the last two Harry Potter ones. Snagging those, as well as the Narnia header. Thanks so much!
Snagged a few icons and the VM header. So pretty!
Totally snagged the VM header and wp, thanks.
I took a few of the VM. Thank you :)
saved #23, thanks :)
will credit
Two Brodys!
snagging 24.
oh nathan and haley, pretty much the cutest ever!
Grabbed # 35. Will credit.
snagged VM header and oth icon. soo cute!
nominated 23 @ oth_awards!!
aww thanks so much hun!
omgg i soo didn't notice them!! LMFAO i took the soo cute one though even though i didn't remember requesting it ahaha! i'm so dumbb i love the rob&katie icons thoughh luvss it!! will credit wen used cya round
took the header, will credit if use
oooh! pretty wallpapers! taking the hp and vm ones...
love #24 so I'll be saving that one. just had a OTH marathon this week so it's perfect :)
Gorgeous! Taking the L/V header and wallpaper. *pets it*
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