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2 Walls + 2 Headers + 45 Icons

Harry Potter, House, One Tree Hill, Veronica Mars,
The Chronicles of Narnia, Adam Brody...



Harry Potter-

wallpaper: [ 1 0 2 4 x 7 6 8 ] and [ 8 0 0 x 6 0 0 ]
header variations:  [ textless ] and [ with text ]




One Tree Hill-


Veronica Mars-

Logan/Veronica challenge at hellisbreaking

wallpaper: [ 1 0 2 4 x 7 6 8 ]     [ 8 0 0 x 6 0 0 ]
header: [ o p e n ]

vm icons for bananners



Chronicles of Narnia wallpaper and header for love_oth_love

wallpaper: [ 8 0 0 x 6 0 0 ]     [ 1 0 2 4 x 7 6 8 ]
header: [ o p e n ]


In case you missed it, pick-ups are as follows:
#1-6 are for cali_surfin, #9 for outofdoritos, #22 for loveandfriends, #23-27 for _boppo_

Same as always...
- No hotlinking!
- No customizing anything. If you want something changed, I would be glad to do it :)
- Comment and credit! Credit for headers in your user info or FO post and icons in the comment section of you userpics using <lj* user="hide_r"> (without the star)
- Last post  here. (Alias, Grey's Anatomy and One Tree Hill)
Pimping: hellisbreaking

Hope you guys like everything, let me know what you think! And I have loads of stuff that I still haven't posted so all of that will be up in a couple days.
Tags: adam brody, cedric/fleur, chronicles of narnia, harry potter, headers, house, logan/veronica, movies, one tree hill, veronica mars, wallpapers
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Love them!
Thanks for making mine:D
you crack me up hun. you're always the first one to comment, every time lol.

no problem, glad u like :)
saved 37, 'bout to upload it now because free users now 6 whole user pictures! YEAH BABY!

I love all of them though, so awesome!

Also took 31 and 23 for future use!
3,4&25, thanks! ♥
I love that Cedric and Fleur Banner, what does the w/ text verion say?
So pretty! :D
omg the vm wallpaper and header and so gorgeous. Took both. So gorgeous!
omg, I LOVE the vmars wall, love love!
These are gorgeous!
Taking the Narnia Wallpaper. Its really really good.
snagged 2 of the Adam Brody ones.
Saved a lot of the VM icons and the wallpaper!! Gorgeous, thanks!
25 is very pretty.
Snagged all the VM and Oth, gorgeous as usual.
Thanks ♥

Beautiful! ;) Took 2, 17, 23 and the Narnia header, will credit, thanks!
OMG! Yay! I'm so SO honored. *hugs*

Snagging 35-37 and 41. :)))))

Oh, and btw I'm completely caught up now, so no worries about spoilers. I've seen them all. :)
You should be ;)

All of them?! Like both seasons?! Wow, that was fast. *shakes head* Geez-us honey. lol

But I'm glad you like your present!!
Uhh, remind me again why the hell I havent friended you?? Hee, lovely work, took tonnes. SO friending you (:
oh wow... lovely icons and I simply love your wp of Chronicles of Narnia. Simply adorable!
Your coloring in especially the House icons is so gorgeous. I love the feel to those icons, which basically also comes from the coloring. It's pretty and sharp at the same time, where for instance the Adam icons are pretty warm, which in those icons gives of a more blurry look, but in the good kind of way. It's so pretty and glow-y :D

I'm going to have to save 35. Love the subtle cropping on that one and the warm coloring. The text is perfect, it adds so much feel to the icon and the moment and I love how you managed to create that feel. So yeah, am saving that one and will credit if I use.
Also love the coloring and lighting effect in 40, really pretty and kinda intense, which is something I most definetly like. Pretty cropping in 30 and gorgeous coloring in 39.
Wow, thanks so much for the feedback. I really appreciate it. I love knowing what you all think of certain styles and coloring is usually my main focus on an icon so I'm glad its worked out.

Thanks again :)
gorgeous, snagged so many
I love my OTH icons!! Thankyou!! ♥
Took the narnia wallpaper! Wonderful stuff.
Gorgeous, love. :D ♥
Snagging some VM icons. The icons are beautiful. Will credit,thanks. :)
taking #15! =]
I'm running away with 6, 7, 15, 21 and 44. Thank you sooo friggin much!! :D
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